Where in the world are all the Juice Zones?

Where are all of the Juice Zones?

Chad Parker is the CEO of Fresh and Healthy Brands, a Canadian company that flogs four franchise food brands on various websites around the globe. Chad’s brand creations are Go-Grill, Pure Health, Yo-Good and the illusive Juice Zone. For a very short time Chad also peddled the Canadian versions of Famous Famiglia Pizza as well as the now defunct Marilyn Monroe Café.

You can read all about Chad’s passion for the Marilyn Monroe Café right here (http://www.betheboss.ca/resources/interview-with-a-ceo/feb-2013/chad-parker-healthy-brands) and you can read all about the subsequent lawsuits filed against the Marilyn Monroe Café right here (http://www.law360.com/articles/507084/marilyn-monroe-cafes-hit-with-18m-suit-for-unpaid-royalties)

As far as Chad’s Canadian launch of the Famous Famiglia Pizza franchise goes…well that’s a complete story of it’s own and may very well be one of the most disastrous introductions of an American franchise brand into the Canadian market in history. Stay tune for a future article about that venture that will be sure to make you cry and laugh at the same time.

But let’s get back to the world famous Juice Zone brand that Chad claims has taken the globe by storm! Watch this video of Chad Parker eulogizing the amazing success of his Juice Zone franchise creation.




Wow! Quickly expanded across Canada, throughout the US and into India and now operating in 14 countries, three new outlets in the UK with plans for 50 year over the next 3 years…no problem… If Chad could just muster up a little more enthusiasm I’d swear that it was Donald Trump in disguise speaking in the video.

Anyways, our search for these apparent Juice Zone locations that have taken the globe by storm.…Where are they? Why are they so hard to find? After some digging around I managed to find one in Canada! It’s located in Prince Edward Island on the east coast of Canada, but when I talked to them they said that they severed all ties with Fresh & Healthy Brands and Chad Parker. They were even flabbergasted that the Parkers were still selling the brand. The lonely Juice Zone In P.E.I. has branched out on it’s own. Not to worry, I found another one in New Jersey! But when I chatted to the lovely owner she told me that she quickly severed her ties with Fresh & Healthy Brands, changed the sign above her store and operates independently…even though she was still harassed by the Parker clan who wanted more money for doing nothing!

It might be easier to find Sasquatch then it will be to find a happy and prosperous Juice Zone franchise owner. I found a Juice Zone owner in Texas but he can’t talk about his relationship with Fresh & Healthy Brands, he actually paid money to get out of his franchise agreement and signed paper work that doesn’t allow him to say anything positive or negative about the Parkers. But come on!

The Fresh & Healthy Brands website states that they are opening 4 Juice Zone locations in Nigeria, maybe global expansion is on the very verge of taking off…but maybe not, when I checked the Vancouver BBB website, it turns out that the investors in Nigeria want their fifty thousand dollars back. Their complaint claims that “It is evident that the Canadian company is unable to provide the support required for a successful and fruitful business venture”


It also turns out that another person in Portugal gave the Parkers a five thousand dollar deposit that they would like back. The group in India that purchased that master territorial Juice Zone rights, well they no longer communicate with Chad and have changed the Juice Zone name.

If you happen to find a Juice Zone out there please let us know, and if you come across one that still has a healthy relationship with Chad Parker and his company, we’d love to hear all about it.

Here are a few more on-line articles about the Juice Zone.

Canadian Company Juice Zone To Open 24 Retail Outlets In 2004

Juice Zone Inc. signed a memorandum of understanding with Cogent Group to open Juice Zone franchises throughout India. Cogent Group will also establish several corporate offices to help organize future expansion


Franchisors Urged To Take a Global View

Given this level of competition, expansion into markets outside North America is enticing. In some foreign markets, there may be no other real competitor, says Blair Rebane, national leader of the franchise and distribution law practice group at Borden Ladner Gervais LLC in Vancouver.

Rebane has a client in the juice and frozen smoothie business in India. “No one else is in that market. A cold drink in a warm climate offers a natural attraction to a growing middle class in India,” he says.


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